40 ISO Wooden Fishing Floats - Upfloats only

A numbered float system giving an indication of buoyancy for the angler. These are proven to work and are made of wood.

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These luderick were caught using a #2.0 upfloat and #1.5 downfloat combination. Choose HD quality and watch these floats in action on YouTube.

You too can get amongst the action with this float set! Finally a complete float system that is coded according to its weight requirement. No more guess work required to balance your float - less time wasted means more fish caught! Made from quality timber. Ideal for blackfish, drummer, bream, mullet, trevally and garfish. "These will out-fish standard foam bobbers" A typical catch with ISO floats.

Bulk Saver Pack of 40 ISO Upfloats. All great float fishermen know how important it is to weight a float correctly depending on the sea conditions and species. In the past an angler would painstakingly take hours trying to weight each float they buy but no longer as the guess work has been taken out. Each individual float is coded with a rating which tells the angler how much weight to use in order to achieve almost neutral buoyancy. These floats naturally sit lower in the water so the fish encounter less resistance and are thus less shy in taking your bait. 

Buy a pack today and I am sure that you will soon agree ISO floats are far better than the standard foam ones you see in ordinary tackle stores. We are confident that these floats will out-fish standard round foam floats; they cast further and they provide less resistance in the water. 

We use these for luderick, drummer, bream, gar and mullet and we have been completely impressed with the results. 

ISO techniques originated in Japan. It is a form of rock fishing using long highly sensitive rods, small floats, light lines, small hooks and the use of berley. Many Australians are now adapting these techniques to be used on species like luderick, drummer and bream with plenty of success. 

The Standard ISO rig The typical ISO rig is set up as shown in the following diagram. These upfloats (or just floats) are made from high quality timber similar to cedar wood. They provide a positive buoyancy and sit stable in the water. All are given a number rating indicating the buoyancy of that particular float with B being the lowest and 3.0 being the highest in the range. We however do prefer the variation of this shown on the right.


Not included here are downfloats. Downfloats provide a negative buoyancy to the rig and using these make a lot of sense as they help the angler cast further, reduces tangles and helps provide more natural sense of movement to the bait. In addition the one major advantage is that these are also rated by buoyancy and so it makes easier to find a matching downfloat for the particular upfloat chosen. If you want your rig to just float on top of the water then simply match the downfloat number with the corresponding upfloat. Obviously this will vary depending on water salinity and currents. You can purchase the downfloats here separately in our store.

ISO Upfloats (sizes B 2B 3B 0 0.8 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0) - you receive 4 of each size (40 in total).

approximately 2 - 4cm in length 

Weight of Upfloats from 8g to 12g 

Paulownia timber construction (similar to Cedar) 

This is a standard pack and we do not cater to customers' requests for certain sizes. Please note that some of the floats may be blue in colour instead of brown.

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