4 Action Travel Rod

A high quality 4 piece travel rod for light saltwater species or freshwater for trout.

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Quality hook holder and note the rough texture to provide grip when taking the rod sections apart.

Finally a 4 piece rod which is light and small enough to travel with but with no sacrifice to performance and action!


Hear what our clients have to say:

 "I love this little rod I have been taking it everywhere with me on my trout adventures!" - G. Mackay (NSW)

Visit www.heartyrise.com.au for more information about these rods.


 Hearty Rise 4-Action A-604UL Travel Rod

You know when technology has come a long way when you see a rod with such an array of features. This is the perfect rod to take on the plane or train or put it straight into your backpack and hike with it for miles into the back country in search for the elusive trout or bass. Don't be fooled, however, it need not be confined to only freshwater use as it is just at home on the saltwater catching bream, whiting, tailor and flathead. Every angler who ever does any travelling should have one of these in their rod collection! 

High Carbon material 99.9%

Fast - medium action

1.84m (~6ft) in length

Only 50cm collapsed length

4 pieces for convenient storage

Recommended line weight 4-8 lb braid or mono

Manufacturers line PE rating 0.4 - 0.8

Weighs a mere 102 g

Durable cork grips

Quality Pacific Bay guides

Hook holder

Protective rod tube with carry handle.

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