SFC Response Surf 530 5.3m Telescopic Heavy Surf Rod

The perfect solution for an angler needing a portable extra long surf rod.

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Patented collapsible Kigan guide system.

 What Clients have said…

“ Have used many leading brands and thought I would give SFnet a go I am  very impressed with the quality of manufacture right down to the smallest detail, the performance is up there with the best of the best, 

I will definitely be using SF Net in the future.”  - projectm12


This is a rock fishing rod like no other. First of all it measures a whopping 5.3m in length which is perfect for anglers fishing very rough country where the extra length enables anglers to clear the line of snags. This equates to more effective fishing time and thus more fish caught and a more enjoyable day. It folds down to a convenient 1.21m for storage and consists of 5 sections. This rod is ideal for catching species such as Tailor, Salmon, Trevallies, Snapper and even Kingfish and Jewfish when handled correctly*. This is a specialist rod with the quality which is characteristic of all SFC rods. You will be hard pressed to find another rod quite like it!

*Note as with all multi-section rods we do not recommend using the rod to lift large fish out of the water. A suitable gaff or landing net should be used under these circumstances.


5.30m or 17.3 ft length

1.21m collapsed length

Kigan guides (one collapsible)

Guide protector 

WeBo DPS reel seat

High carbon material 70%

Fast-medium action

5 pieces/sections

Maximum lure weight 90g*

Recommended line weight 20-40lb* mono or braid

Reel mount 75cm from butt

Free rod bag

610g in weight

Made in Korea

*Note these are recommendations only and may differ to those stated by the manufacturer.



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