Seriola Sea First Light 3-5 ounce Overhead Fishing Rod

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This is an overhead rod

Ideal for catching mulloway!

All Fuji Guides (SiC for Shark Tamer and Alconites for the First Light II)

All models have been fully tested in the field before development.

Highest quality Fuji reel seats as standard (trigger mount for the First Light II)

Seriola Sea First Light Surf and Rock fishing rods

These are a premier set of rods designed by Australian fishermen for Australian conditions. In fact the team at AFT had a fair bit to do in the design and testing of these rods so we can certainly give them the thumbs up. We felt there was a need for some high quality overhead casting rods which could pelt lures and large baits out a long way in to the surf but still have enough sensitivity in the tip to register bites and soft enough to act as a shock absorber which is so critical when playing out large fish. What was mandatory was a rod with a high modulus carbon blank armed with the best quality Fuji guides and reel seats. The result was the First Light series of rods by Seriola Sea and they come at a price which is hard to beat. We currently have two different rods in the series, the First Light generation II and the Shark Tamer.

Seriola Sea First Light 3-5 ounce

Specifications First Light II
Length *(ft) 11.5
Length *(m) 3.5
Shortest Length (m) 1.78
Sections 2
Casting weight *(Ounces) 3-5
Rod weight without bag *(g) 330
Guides Fuji K Alconites
Spinning or Overhead Fuji OH trigger
Reel mount height *(cm) 66
Recommended line weight *(kg) 6-8
Suitable reel size Abu 5000-6000 or equivalent
Rod bag? y
Description of Use* Ideal for mulloway up to 8kg, Kingfish to 6kg or similar.
Price AUD (including domestic shipping) 189

*Please note many of these sizes and values are approximate only. Further some of these line weights are recommendations only and it is an expectation that customers should adhere to these recommendations at all times.


Can these rods be used with spinning reels?

These rods were specifically designed to be used with overhead reels and matched with the correct size overhead reel will produce optimal performance. The First Light II comes with a trigger grip and thus cannot be used with spinning reels. The Shark Tamer rod, however, can be used with a spinning reel. If you are not a purist and do not worry so much about the backbones of rods then the Shark Tamer can be used with a spinning reel.

What is the optimal reel seat height for me?

It is a widely held view of seasoned overhead surfcasters that the optimal reel seat height should be about the distance of your arm pit to the end of your arm. The reel seat heights on these rods were designed using statistical data from the bureau of statistics. As a result these heights should suit most people. Please note that the rod butts can be cut down to size by a reputable rod craftsman to suit your needs but we obviously cannot accept any responsibility to any changes in performance or damage sustained during the process.

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