SFC Super Sensor 1-530

A state of the art telescopic fishing rod designed for bream, mullet and luderick

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MPN: 1-530
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This is the next generation of telescopic rods. Gone are the days when the guides would fall off the blank within a month of usage. So too are the days when the sections would get stuck because your mate borrowed it and jammed the rod too tightly together.  

On top of this telescopic rods until now have had dismal actions. With this series of rods, those problems are a thing of the past! 

In the past decade, companies like Samsung have become household names with an enviable reputation. Enter the SF Net fishing company who are also based in South Korea. They are an innovative company who specialise in travel rods. 

They take pride in their products and go to great lengths to ensure today's anglers are equipped with the best possible gear. The Koreans know their fishing and their attitude to quality control is second to none. 

Their bread and butter product shown here is just such an example. These series of rods are specifically designed to be used for float fishing where short casts are made, although, it can be used to cast short distances with. 

Use it to fish for luderick, bream and drummer from the ocean rocks (size 2-3) or garfish, yellowtail scad, tommy ruff, small trevally and mullet from the jetty (size 1-2). 

For freshwater anglers, this rod would be ideal for carp fishing, where a long rod is necessary to clear tall grass and rushes.

Smooth and sleek - this particular rod is like the Ferrari of ISO rods. It comes armed with an array of top quality Fuji components, its guides are made from silicon carbide material and its high carbon blank allows the angler to detect the smallest of bites. It comes in at a mere 205g which means you can hold it all day without tiring. A must have for any serious float fisherman.

Length (fully extended): 5.3 m

Length (contracted): 1.22 m (with protector)

Number of sections: 5

Material: graphite carbon composite 98% carbon

Action: Multiple (fast to medium/slow)

Line rating: 1

Recommended line: 4 to 12lb braid or mono

Reel mount position: 44 cm from butt

Butt Diameter: 23 mm

Tip Diameter: 0.7mm

Weight: 205 grams

Colour: red and black only

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