Shimano Calcutta 200 Smooth Drag Ground Metal Washers (Gr1)

These metal washers are ground and lapped to a flatness only obtained using the best equipment.

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MPN: BNT1211
Stock Status: 1 pcs
Delivery Status: 1 - 4 days (business)


To ensure the optimal performance of your drag system it is imperative to use metal washers that are properly built for the job. Many reels come with washers that are not completely smooth and flat. Smooth has solved the problem by coming up with a set of stainless steel washers which are double disc ground flat and then lapped. Buy one to use today and I am sure you will see the benefits.

Material: Stainless Steel

Number of washers: 1

For reels: 

Shimano Calcutta 200, (Replaces Part BNT1211), Calcutta 200, Calcutta 200A, Calcutta 250, Calcutta 251, Calcutta TE50GT, Castaic 200SF, Castaic 200, Castaic 201SF, Calais 200-5, Calais 200A, Calais 200APV, Calais 200ASV, Citica 200B, Citica 201B, Curado 200BSF, Curado 201BSF, Curado 200B, Curado 201B, Curado 200B5, Curado 201B5, Chronarch 100, Chronarch 100SF, Chronarch 101A, Chronarch 100A, Chronarch 101SF

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