Shimano Saragosa 14000FB Spheros 18000FB Carbontex Drag Washers (W5)

The highest quality carbontex drag washers on the market.

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Stock Status: 1 pcs
Delivery Status: 1 - 4 days (business)


The introduction of carbon fibre drag material has been one the most profound innovations in the fishing arena in the past decade. These drags are silky smooth and provide high stopping power - no more jerky drags and inconsistent tensioning. These outperform the old style fibre washers by a mile. They come packaged dry but they have a cross hatched surface which can hold small amounts of drag grease (such as Cal's). An essential upgrade to your reel! 

Number of washers: 5

Suits which reels? 


Saragosa 10000F, Saragosa 10000, Saragosa 14000FB, Saragosa 18000FB, Spheros 14000FB, Spheros 18000FB, Saragosa 14000F, Saragosa 18000F, Spheros 8000SW, Spheros 10000SW, Spheros 14000FB, Spheros 18000FB

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