Carbontex Drag Carbon Fibre Washers for Shimano Spinner 2500fh fishing reels (G5)

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MPN: 3048
Stock Status: 3 pcs
Delivery Status: 3-5 days (business)


Contents: 3 carbon fibre drag washers


Suits which reels?


Stradic 2500fh, 1000fa, 1000fh, 1000FMLCi4, 1000F

Stradic 4000fg, 5000fg, 2000FG 

Sustain 1000FD, 2500FD

Symetre 4000FL

Sahara 4000FE 

Thunnus 6000Ci4

Baitrunner DL, ST, XT 4000FA

Catana 1000FB & FC 4000FC

Hyperloop 1000FB 4000FB

Nexave 1000FC & FD 4000FD

Twinpower Ci4 1500RA, Ci4 2500RA, Ci4 3000SRA, 4000SRA 

Cazna 4000FA

Symetre 1000FL 4000FL

Sienna 1000FD 4000FD 4000FB 4000FE 4000FG

Sahara 1000FE 4000FE

Syncopate 1000FG 4000FG

Alivio 1000FC & FD 4000FD 

Saros 1000F 

Exage 5000FC, 1000FC & FD, 4000FD

Aernos 1000FA & FB 4000FA & FB, C5000FA & FB

Socorro 4000F

Sonora 1500

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