TSI 321 reel lubricant - 4 ounce

Regarded by service technicians to be the best lubricant for fishing reel bearings.

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TSI-321 4oz. Squeeze Bottle

Developed for use by N.A.S.A. in the Apollo Program 

N.U.S. approved for nuclear use


Its properties have many unusual applications, such as camera lubrication & photograph polishing

Operates in extreme temperature ranges, making it ideal for colder weather situations

Bonds with the metal creating a thin film of lubrication without a greasy buildup

Will prevent metal corrosion and is not harmful to most plastics or high alloy metals

Great for re-lubricating metal ball bearings (Ceramic bearings run faster DRY)Specifications

  • Net Weight 4 ounce (~108g)
  • Approximately 118ml capacity
  • Uses: bearings and other similar moving parts.
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