Mini Baby Lures - Pack of 6

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  • A proven and deadly bream lure!
  • A hot seller on the Japanese Market
  • Highest Quality Barbless Owner Hook for catch and release fishing
  • Ideal for Bream, Bass, Trout and other species...

See this lure in action on YouTube!


"The baby Bream lures worked a treat today, caught 3 legal bream in 30 minutes." - Iceblock001

  • Let's do the maths, 6 lures at 12.90 each = $77.40
  • but you get 6 in each colour for only $59.40, that is a saving of over 23%! Hurry this offer is for a limited time only.

We are stringent with the quality inspection of the lures we sell and many have been tested in the water.

  • 6 Mini Baby bibbed lure/s
  • Highest quality Cultiva Owner hook (barbless)
  • High quality stainless steel split ring and fast change snap clip
  • 2 g weight
  • 28 mm length
  • floating
  • Max lure depth 60cm
  • Choice of 6 colours.
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