Killer's Bolli Minnow Lures - 4 Pack

A deadly minnow lure for a range of fish species.

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We don't just sell fishing gear we use them!

Very effective even on Barra!


These have proven deadly on the Mackeral Tuna.


Ideal for Kingfish, Tailor, Salmon, Bonito, Barramundi and other species...

Quality Owner hooks.

4 Haryu Killer's Bolli Minnow Lures

4 x Haryu minnow lures

1 DM02B - B02S blue sinking lure

1 DM02B - P05S pink sinking lure (or P04S)

1 DM02B - S04S ghost floating lure 

1 DM02B - Y05S  sunshine yellow lure

High quality Owner treble hooks

High quality stainless steel split rings

Shallow  diving depth 1m

15 g weight

125 mm length

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