6 Pack Seriola Sea Pre-Pimped Octa-Jigs

The deadliest jigs on the reef for cod, coral trout and other species.

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An innovative small group of anglers in North Queensland were experimenting with their Octa-Jigs and they came across a winning formula. Their trick was to replace their standard octa-jigs with two split rings instead of one, replace the hook with a chemically sharpened hook and to top it off they added a rubber tailed jig and a squid skirt. The results were truly amazing and they had transformed their Octa-Jigs into the ultimate fish attractant. 

The good news for you is that you do not have to waste time rigging these up and of course less time rigging means MORE TIME FISHING. 

Experience the Seriola Sea revolution today and purchase a set of these Pre-Pimped Octa-Jigs.

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