4 pack Seriola Sea Snapper Jigs 40g 60g

The deadliest hard metal jigs for Snapper.

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Seriola Sea Snapper Jigs 40g and 60g

These are some of the most lethal snapper jigs you will find on the market today. Unlike some of their compeititors, Seriola Sea Snapper jigs are made from very strong chemically sharpened hooks designed to catch some of the biggest snapper. Further the 80lb PE braid passes straight through the body of the jig allowing for better hook movement and therefore a better hookup ratio. These are designed by fishermen for the most dedicated snapper fishos. 

4 Value Pack

contains 2 x 40g jigs in Pink + 2 x 60g jigs in Blue


  • 40g Jig in Pink 65mm length
  • 60g Jig in Blue 73mm length
  • Twin 3/0 Chemically Sharpened XStrong hooks
  • 80lb PE braid
  • Unique Slide-through braid feature
  • One piece extra strong O-ring
  • Attractive Squid skirt
  • Sliding bead to entice the fish

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