12 Baby Jig microjig lures

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Some of the most effective metal jigs on the market today.

Match the hatch with our Baby Jigs on our Australian bait species.

Sold in Japan.

All for only $59.00 including postage.

Baby Jigs

These are an absolutely deadly range of metal jigs and we source these from a supplier who supplies to the Japanese market. Perfect for small to medium sized pelagics or semi-pelagics such as tailor, salmon, tuna and more.


-12 Baby Jigs in total

-56mm length

-10.5g weight

-4 colours - White, Blue, Pink and Red-Gold

-Not sold individually

-All metal construction

-Chemically Sharpened treble hooks* 

*Rinse in freshwater after each session. 

Hooks are extremely sharp, keep out of reach of children.

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