Used Abu Garcia 5600C4 Mag

A used Abu 5000C reel in good working order.

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You are purchasing a USED item.

We cannot locate any visible sign of wear and tear to indicate that the reel has actually been used. Nevertheless we have classified this item as a used reel as we are unsure of its history. It looks and feels brand new. The foot number has been blotted out.

Model: Ambassadeur 5600C4

Gear ratio: 6.3:1

Weight: 301g

Bearings: 3 (2 +1)

Ratchet/clicker? None

6 pin centrifugal brake

Magtrax magnetic brake system

Made in Sweden

Grade (condition, see below): A

Meaning of Grade

Grade A: Excellent working order, near or as new condition. No noticeable defects detected.

Grade B: Some noticeable surface scratches but otherwise appear to be in good working order. 

Grade C: Some deeper scratches or pitting can be seen. Otherwise appears to be in reasonable working order. 

Grade D: Not in working order. Internal mechanisms seem to require maintenance or replacement. 


1. Have you inspected the internals?

No, we simply have not had the time to inspect these reels internally. Based on a simple retrieve test, for the majority of these reels we do not have concerns about the state of the internals to warrant an internal examination. 

2. Do you give warranty on these reels?

No warranty is given on these reels. We strongly recommend that customers read the descriptors in each listing very carefully so that they understand what they are purchasing. 

3. Do these reels come with their original boxes/packaging?

No, unless otherwise stated the reels do not come with their original boxes. Reel schematics and lubricants are not supplied either. 

4. Do all the reels have foot numbers?

Some reels have foot numbers but some appear to have been erased. This was the state which we received them in.

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