Seriola Sea Nanobraid 1000m Colour Change 8 strand braided fishing line

The most durable and affordable braid line on the market today.

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This braided fishing line has gone through our stringent testing procedures. The staff at AFT have been impressed with the consistency of the cross section of the line and the fact that most (8 - 15lb) in the range have an impressive 8 weaves of fibre ensures that it is super smooth when coming off the reel. It casts very well and its positive buoyancy means it is just as suited for fishing with rigs high up in the water column as it is for bottom bashing or deep drop rigs.

This line has been designed with Australian conditions in mind and has been produced in the same factory as other leading brands. They come in a range of lengths from 500m to 1000m spools. Give these lines a try and I am sure you will be pleased.

"Been trialing your nano braid for deep drop (300meter) fishing in the canyons off WA. Done 2 trips now with a daiwa tanacom 1000 spooled with 50lb nano in yellow. On both trips we boated eight bar cod and blue eye trevalla. The fish ranged from 8 to 20 kgs. The nano braid is performing well so far with no line breakage or noticeable wear." - T. Antenucci (WA)

"Hi a while back I bought some braid from you it is the business!! I have struggled to send you some pics but I\'ll try again these were on 30lb that\'s been on my reel for about a year and still won\'t budge!! Caught many a good fish on light gear!" - L. Taylor (WA)

"The braid preformed well, had no issues with it, I could feel the bites fine. With the fish in the picture I was pulling that fish up and another guy was bringing his up, our lines were crossed and rubbed for about 200 metres, it didn\'t snap or break and I checked the line after and it had no damage or abrasion to it so I\'m happy it can hold up to a bit of rubbing." - Joel Durell (WA)

Rest assured these lines are tested on a regular basis. Check out the YouTube video below to see what we mean.

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