Seriola Sea Ghost Fluorocarbon Fishing Line

A proven and reliable Japanese fluorocarbon tested on Australian waters.

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The team at Seriola Sea know only too well what it takes to withstand the demanding rigours of Australian fishing conditions. The neat thing about Seriola Sea Ghost fluorocarbon is that it has the same refractive index to that of seawater, this means that light passes through the material unimpeded and makes it virtually invisible to fish. In other words the line acts like a ghost and hence its name. This comes into its own when targeting timid species or fish in a shy mood. You can catch the most timid species with Ghost.

Footage of luderick action using the Ghost FC 10lb line. Choose HD quality and watch this line in action on YouTube.

  • 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Invisible to fish
  • Designed for Australian Conditions
  • Made in Japan


  • 100% Fluorocarbon
  • Invisible to Fish
  • Designed by Australian Anglers for Australian conditions
  • Identical refractive index to water
  • High density sinking line
  • Minimal stretch
  • Strong abrasion resistance
  • Made in Japan
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